Its no longer only the apartments and interiors that need to be stunning and trendy, rooftops equally must be elegant and stylish. For leisure evenings, relaxations, and events, unused space needs to be taken into consideration. Imagine enjoying the sunset on the rooftop, feeling the cool breeze of the evening, and connecting yourself with nature! Pleasant, isn’t it? This is possible only if you have unique rooftop amenities that can add value to your living. There are real estate developers in Mumbai who design premium buildings with unique rooftop amenities to upgrade your lifestyle.

Here are a few must-have rooftop amenities:

1. Pools
You would have come across pools in the open space. However, these days’ pools can be designed on the rooftop as well. This not only saves the unused space but, provides a striking view. All the members can escape the heat and take pleasure in an endless pool. The advanced technology and qualified engineers provide the owners with an array of designs. They can redefine the ideal pool locations that also makes it affordable. There are real estate developers in Mumbai who offer luxurious apartments with best rooftop amenities.

2. Gardens
They add aesthetic value to the unused area of the roof. This shared garden is beneficial to the community. The planting of various flowers and herbs helps in facilitating temperature control, recreational facility and hydrological benefits. The developer may select a green roof instead of a roof garden. A green roof provides more environmental benefits.

3. Space for Games
Indoor sports are an alternative if you do not have enough space for outdoor activities. When the ground space is not available, one could transform the unused space into a sporting arena. The target area should also include a children’s playground that has well-maintained fences. The sports arena should be well-designed that could also be customized to suit the requirements of various sports.

4. Lounge facility
This requires a very intricate planning and if developed properly can add a high market value to the property. Coupled with a breath-taking view of the metropolitan landscape below; it can make the place more comfortable and soothing. With better light, shade, and privacy, you can embrace quality time with friends, family, associates, and acquaintances and also enjoy barbeque, sky dining, tea drinking pavilion, yoga decks & meditation zones.

5. Music
This always refreshes mood when one is sad and in distress. A great and inspiring soundtrack in the background can put a smile on a face. The rooftop could have several chairs along with shades that would not only consume the space but, also allow them to relish the music. There should be ways for users to have a control of the soundtrack type, volume etc.

6. Urban Farming
This amenity has many benefits. With more rural land being transformed to satisfy the growing population; less land is available for farming. Rooftop’s unused space can be converted into a farm. By farming vegetable and crops it can make a city appear greener and eco-friendly. Also, you can use the end products for self-consumption. There are several properties in Mumbai that encourage rooftop farming.

7. Yoga Deck
Yoga rejuvenates mind and soul. Through yoga, one can stay fit, not only physically but, mentally as well. When one is practicing one commits themselves to achieve a holistic meditation and mental wellness. This essentially requires a peaceful arena for sound practice. The rooftop can have more chambers where one can tune into the internal bliss.

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