Home Automation is an industry of its own where it provides an interconnectedness of the devices through the internet of things (IoT) facility. Due to the rise in the home automation industry, the following are the features that are worth noticing:-

The upgraded basic facilities
A plethora of services ranging from Wi-Fi to smart lighting, to voice command controlled homes are attracting people’s interests these days. They are looking for smart Home Solutions in which technology provides a good amount of security & convenience. Automated lighting system function uses a centralized system that turns the light on a voice command or through a mobile app. You can use it to control all appliances, switch TV channels, control you’re A/C to precool your room to desired temperature minutes before you reach home, order your favourite burger, pizza or even order a taxi cab in case you have a event coming up or in case you have booked movie tickets.

Smart sensor system
Almost all the vicinity has a smoke alarm. These days even smoke alarms are getting smarter that can not only sense slow burning fires but, can assess the carbon monoxide content as well. These smoke alarms are connected to weather radio that issues notifications regarding natural calamities.
The automatic room air freshener installed with HVAC system monitors the airflow and dispenses the air freshener when required. The user is provided with the facility to schedule the app as per their need.

Smart kitchen appliances
Cooking services become easy when it comes to smart kitchen appliances. The multi cooker is a smart device that chooses the recipe when a command is received from the user. It also lets the user add ingredients. All the user need to do is to log in to the specified app provided by the smart appliances. Rest job from baking to grilling is done by the automatic cooker.

Because of an advertent rise in the demand for futuristic appliances even the refrigerator is designed smartly. The touch panel plays the music but, also checks the calendar. You could leave a note to others and it also helps the user to inform the food that has crossed the expiry dates.

Automated Parking System
Imagine headin out to a family wedding and you steal a moment to adjust your wife’s earrings and appreciate your daughter’s dress. Now you can have all the time at your disposal because you can retrieve your car from the automatic parking tower with the click of an app. Imagine saving precious few minutes every morning as you leave for office and your car is retrieved automatically. Intelligent parking systems are the future of intelligent housing and it has started becoming a reality at many homes in Mumbai.

To satisfy this requirement an automated parking system has been designed. It is a mechanical system where cars are stacked vertically on multiple levels to maximize the number of parking spaces while minimizing the available ground land usage. Therefore it allows a mechanical system to transport a car from one parking space to another to eliminate the problem of multi-storey parking garage.

Home automation is the future of Housing. If you are looking for a completely secured house,opt for a home that’s technology oriented.
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