Intelligentia offers projects that are powered by state-of-the-art amenities, cutting-edge technology, and ultra-modern facilities. The apartments are designed considering the needs of the modern living and are sure to make your life seamless, painless and more inspiring. The majestic view and the amenities at Intelligentia homes are sure to leave you spellbound.

Let’s talk about 5 topmost amenities of Intelligentia projects:
1. Library cum Study rooms – The Intelligent Rooms
A plethora of services ranging from Wi-Fi to computers and printers along with books can arouse a child’s interest in reading. The library offers subscriptions to numerous national and international subscriptions to give your child access to the latest information.
These days the parents are also seeking Intelligence zones that can keep the child occupied as well as enhance the child’s smartness. At Intelligentia, various activities like dance, music, karate, abacus, yoga and other active sports are conducted by trained professionals.
There are common study rooms as well, wherein children of all the age groups are welcomed. Research says that the children who study together have 17% higher average IQ (Intelligent Quotient) and 16% EQ (Emotional Quotient) than the kids who study on their own. Owning a house in Intelligentia is a dream come true, thanks to the in-built Intelligence Zones!

2. Automated Parking System – The need of the hour
With the rise in the population, the available grounds space is shrinking on a daily basis. Also, there is a rise in the vehicle ownership by an individual that adds more to the parking issues. Earlier, an individual owned a single vehicle, today, the same individual owns 2-3 vehicles based on the family needs. Thus, parking spaces need to be designed in such a manner that the cars utilize the minimum area. Intelligentia offers an automated parking system where cars are stacked vertically on multiple levels to maximize the number of parking spaces while minimizing the available ground land usage. Therefore, it allows a mechanical system to transport a car from one parking space to another to eliminate the problem of a multi-story parking garage. It also eliminates the need to reverse your car, with an intelligent turn table that turns your car around when you are ready to go. No need to look into the mirror anymore.

3. Home Automation:
Why feel lonely when your home can talk to you? Wondering how? Thanks to Intelligentia’s home automation systems, you can control your house with just voice commands. Home Automation is an industry of its own where it provides an interconnectedness of the devices through the internet of things (IoT) facility. Communicating with your own home and making the house totally automatic for better convenience and security is just a WOW feeling! Looking for fully automated homes in Vikhroli? Connect with us right away!

4. Smart kitchens:
“Kitchens are for conversation. They’re not just for cooking; they’re for conversations”
— Frank Delaney

The quote stands so true when we talk about Intelligentia’s smart kitchens. Intelligentia brings the freshness back to the kitchens with world-class imported modular kitchens that have soft close finishes on all drawers and doors. Now, fall in love with intelligently designed extendable taps and branded appliances like in-built hob, chimney & microwave.

5. The rooftop dining:
When you are in need of a break from a boring routine or would want to spend a quality time with your partner, try Intelligentia’s terrace dining. Let the BBQs refresh your taste buds!
Intelligentia is a future-ready tower that ticks all the right boxes when it comes to nurturing excellence. Intelligence is not merely restricted to the amenities or designs but, also to the surrounding ambience, that generates a feel-good factor. so, what are you waiting for? Visit our properties now and book the ones that you feel connected to!

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