An Introduction to Intelligent Smart Houses

Intelligent smart houses are intelligently designed houses that feature automation and can be controlled remotely. Their sizes may be compact, but with efficient planning, every inch of space is utilized efficiently. They are equipped with latest home automation technologies that provide a comfortable, safe and secure environment. This sort of automation can include automated lights, doors, stoves and other such implements of a daily life. This technology can give one the ability to control every single aspect of his property in Mumbai, from his entertainment system to his lights to his refrigerator and even his bathtub. The most convenient fact about Smart home Technologies is that they allow people to do things in quick, clean and efficient ways. For example, to reach a light switch across the room one does not have to walk across the room and can instead give a voice command to control it.

This kind of user-friendly straightforward operation is designed for and particularly helpful towards individuals who do not have the same range of movement that other people do. This can provide a wide medium of assistance towards the differently abled individuals, the elderly and the extremely young.

How compact homes can help the elderly

Elders should be provided the utmost care at all times. With our changing lifestyle, we cannot provide the timely and necessary assistance to the elders at all times. This is when we realize the utility of these compact smart homes. These rooms are completely automated and have been specially designed for the elderly and feature several ways that have been implemented purely for the convenience of the elderly. Being able to remotely control lights doors, stoves and other things means that the elder person does not have to get up and work themselves, a fact that can be hugely helpful to them. Security in and around the house can prevent bad things happening to the elder person, and accessories such as motion sensors can alert family members if the elder person has had a nasty fall. There are certain SOS features available in these houses that you can activate with a voice command.


If the amount of energy you save by using compact smart homes does not appeal to you, the financial savings that you make from acquiring a smart home will quite definitely bro your interest. Studies and Statistics show that compact smart homes used almost 40% less energy than their standard counterparts, which means that the energy bill in and of itself is reduced to a small size.

There are also various other ways to further the savings one makes from compact smart homes, such as installing is a small cluster of solar panels with a battery included that will usually help to save, conserve and thus princess energy, therefore, leading to help in the environment and reducing the size of your own energy bill.

We cannot emphasize enough the need of these intelligent smart houses. Haware Properties has created a show flat of such a compact intelligent smart house and would love to showcase it to anyone interested in learning more about the subject.


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