Smart Homes: New Age Innovation

Mobile devices have been proven throughout history to be one of the most powerful tools at our disposal. This category does not only include smartphones but also other mobile devices such as laptops and tablets. These have a wide range of uses that include entertainment, gaming, communication and other such uses along with more unconventional uses such as security. Recently, the breakthroughs in home automation have allowed us to integrate our security system is into our mobile devices and control them from the said devices. It is generally a very good idea to take full advantage of this fact.

Living in a smart home can drastically improve the quality of your life and give you significant control over each and every aspect of your flats in Mumbai along with exponentially increasing the overall safety of your property and the general accessibility of it as well.

Increased Control Over Your Own House

By installing smart appliances in your house you drastically improve the control you have over your own house. One can use apps on their mobile device to enjoy complete remote control of one’s houses functions, from just about anywhere in the whole wide world. One can turn off and turn on these appliances in a matter of seconds when using their mobile device.

There are just no limitations to the reach of smart appliances and Home Automation. Developers and engineers have worked day and night to create Apps and devices that can control a wide variety of home appliances that can range from home stereo, water usage ,lawn care ,the obvious garage doors, and even your dog’s food dish- all of these can be easily controlled  with the smartphone you keep in your own pocket.


Not only do smart homes drastically increase the control you have over your own house, they also allow us to live a much much safer life. We can use remote-controlled appliances to best keep our loved ones safe. Bleeding-edge security systems can be installed in smart homes without having to spend a huge amount of funds that range from simple CCTV cameras to the slightly more complicated motion sensors. These can be configured to either send the feed and alerts to a remote security company or to your mobile device directly

Energy Efficiency

One of the major benefits of having a smartphone is the increased energy efficiency of your house. Smart home Technology has been developed to use much less power than standard appliances and thus help the environment by saving electricity. There are other perks too- for example, smart stoves can detect when a pan is placed on them and thus only give out heat when it detects a utensil placed on top of it. Saving water has also become easier as one can utilize shower saving technology to get a most satisfying shower experience while still using a lesser amount of water.


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