The modern luxury apartment presents a refined concept that hinges on living life elegantly. Expansive spaces, high-quality construction, premium fixtures, automated vehicle parking spaces, intelligent home technologies, top-notch appliances, smart kitchens, and high resale value – these factors represent some of the accouterments that distinguish the modern luxury apartment. Haware Intelligentia – the Real Estate Developer in Mumbai is working to include all these attributes into its premium residential apartments. These residential units are aimed at discerning customers that include high net worth individuals and the crème de la crème of society.

End users form a significant part of the buyer base for luxury apartments. Market research indicates that demand from such buyers has risen by an estimated 30% in recent years. This stands despite the fact that home prices in the luxury segment in Mumbai range between INR 30 crore to INR 100 crore. In response, Haware Intelligentia is working to craft bespoke luxury apartments that tick all the right boxes in the buying criteria of home buyers. The group is working with international designers to design luxury homes for the Mumbai market.

In addition, Haware Intelligentia –  the Real Estate Developer in Mumbai has courted elite home buyers with the creation of automated luxury homes in Vikhroli, Mumbai. This project represents a smart redefinition of the concept of the modern luxury apartment. The market reaction has been positive, spurred primarily by a combination of good asset pricing and a range of amenities to woo the most discerning home buyer. Market observers have noted that the stabilization of home prices have encouraged home buyers to invest in the new generation of luxury homes.

Residents of luxury apartments tend to be selective about their neighbors. This trend has encouraged Haware Intelligentia ( the Real Estate Developer in Mumbai) to pre-screen applicants with a view to create a list of select buyers – such as industrialists and corporate chieftains – for its premium properties. This brand of luxury real estate assures its buyers of modern amenities such as standby power, gymnasiums, club areas, 24×7 security, concierge services, personal lifts, swimming pools, etc. Such amenities attract affluent customers to invest in Haware Intelligentia’s luxury apartments.

Custom-designed living spaces are central to the modern luxury apartment. The designers of Haware Intelligentia concur; they have worked with various artists to include superb embellishments in their luxury apartments. These include custom metalwork, hand woven furniture, handmade paper artwork, custom-designed graphics, hand painted ceramic tiles, etc. These bespoke aspects are designed to attract the attention of discerning home buyers in the luxury real estate market. A life lived among these artifacts truly echoes the contemporary version of the luxury lifestyle.

Lighting is of primary importance inside a modern luxury apartment. Haware Intelligentia is working to include smart lighting modules inside their luxury apartments. These modules include sensors, LED technologies, and functionality related to the digital concept referred as the Internet of Things. These technologies allow home buyers to fine-tune the lighting per their mood and convenience.




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