Smart homes represent a roaring new trend in the residential real estate market. The mating of certain automation technologies with the interiors of a spacious modern residential unit represents the core concept of smart homes. According to some estimates, the smart home market in India will generate revenues to the tune of US$ 1,691 million in the year 2019. This will likely be driven by growing consumer preference for smart homes in this market.


Smart homes are gaining ground in urban, suburban, and rural India. The attributes that are driving such adoption include safety, security, automation, and other crucial benefits in the day to day lives of residents. As part of this trend, the developers of real estate are working to build in smart home concepts into residential units such as 1 bhk in Vikhroli. Many residents have become aware of the sustainable way of life in modern times, the importance of conserving natural resources, and the gains that technology confers on such choices.


Luxury residences and luxury residential development projects represent major drivers that are expanding the use of smart home automation in India. Experts in India’s real estate market estimate that elements of smart homes will soon appear in other segments of the residential real estate market such as 1 bhk in Vikhroli. Some of the main advantages of smart homes include residents’ safety and security, reduced manual intervention, convenience at the tap of a button, digital connectivity, and accessibility. The efficient use of utilities such as electricity and water adds additional impetus to the adoption of automation in residential units such as 1 bhk in Vikhroli.


Some of the popular features of smart homes are attracting buyers to 1 bhk in Vikhroli. These features include digital access mechanisms on the main entrance door of an apartment, digital controls for fans, air-conditioning units, lighting systems, gas leakage detectors, smoke alarm systems, entertainment systems, etc. Most new home buyers are exhibiting a strong preference for these features and real estate developers are responding by implementing digital devices in new constructions such as 1 bhk in Vikhroli.


Home technology products also attract young home buyers because these can be remotely controlled from a smartphone or connected tablet device. For instance, buyers of 1 bhk in Vikhroli. can turn off utilities in their apartment from remote locations. A significant number of vendors are offering smart home technologies and gadgets in India. This is also powering demand for smart homes in this country.

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