Smart homes and ready to move in properties represent the new paradigm for investors and home buyers in terms of emerging home solutions in India. These residences include flats for sale in Mumbai and feature significant levels of automation designed to ensure the comfort, safety, convenience, and security of residents. Builders and developers of residential property development projects are responding to customer choice by offering completely built-up apartments to home buyers. Currently, many of the flats for sale in Mumbai are undergoing sale to discerning buyers and canny investors in this manner. However, sellers of such properties tend to seek a 10% to 15% premium on the sale of such properties.


The greater levels of uptake of ready to move in properties also reveal a crucial aspect of the market. Observers note that flats for sale in Mumbai are part of a large inventory that has built up over the years. This collection of residential properties may generate additional costs for builders that remain unable to complete a sale. Hence, real estate developers have responded by offering possession-ready properties such as flats for sale in Mumbai to home buyers and investors.


The new trend of ready to move in properties is gaining momentum from the fact that buyers can now access good prices when they invest in quality properties positioned in decent locations. The excess inventory in terms of flats for sale in Mumbai is helping home buyers to make property selections based on parameters of their choice. In essence, many markets are now becoming buyers markets wherein builders and real estate developers are keen to dispose of inventory such as flats for sale in Mumbai. Effectively, home buyers are no longer obliged to wait for one-two years before they move into a new residential property.


Real estate developers of flats for sale in Mumbai are accelerating the pace of property development in tune with the provisions of the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016. Buyers have responded by actively seeking new properties instead of waiting for price corrections in the market. Such actions have hastened the overall pace of commercial activity in India’s property markets. An additional benefit of ready to move in property is manifest in the fact that home buyers interested in flats for sale in Mumbai can immediately lease it out on rent. This ensures steady income for the new owner of the property.

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