Primitively all we needed to suffice was a roof with four walls, of course since then we have progressed and our checklist of essentials has only grown longer. Today a flat for sale in Mumbai is a lot more than a shelter; it is your personality and a predicament of your success. Therefore, your lifestyle largely depends on the infrastructure of your home and property. These amenities infuse a sense of sublime confidence and calm in your disposition.


What are these new age essential that we should consider before buying a home?

  • Rooftop amenities

A great locality with social amenities like schools, colleges, hospitals, banks, and malls are mandatory to a conducive neighborhood. However, now people need easy accessibility to parks and green spaces, rather residents want their flats in Mumbai to have joggers track and a play park for kids and to have that on the terrace with a view of the horizon, yoga spaces, meditation deck, sky dining, massage pavilion these would make the property definitely tick on the new age essential list. Intelligentia a new project in Mumbai boasts of such new age essential and effortlessly delivers tons of these new age amenities to its residents.

  • Automated homes

Initially, we purchased fully automatic electronic appliances for managing life easier now our life has become even more complex and it needs better solutions. Home automation is the key to easy going life, be it convenience or customization, security or efficiency – there’s nothing quite like communicating with your home wherever you are. The available hi-tech complete home automation systems with interactive voice commands help you control your home through your phone or tablet. At Intelligentia, your 2 bhk flat in Vikhroli can anticipate all your needs, without you even being there.

  • Intelligent spaces for kids

Education has advanced the most from just theoretical it has become applied and practical. Kids need a lot more exposure than just their textbooks, they need technology. Therefore the need of the hour is that real estate developers of Mumbai provide Study rooms with smart and latest technologies. Since we want to give your children the new essentials, hence we should choose Intelligentia a new project in Mumbai with a study room, WiFi, computers, printers in the library with digital access to more than 1000 different publications. They also have Intelligence Development Zonen like spaces for various classes like drawing, singing, music, karate, abacus & many other intelligent activities. Mothers can now forget about driving the kids to various classes through traffic and still keep the kids occupied. This is a huge new age essential which makes like so much simpler.

  • Smart parking technology

Parking and safety of the vehicle is such a big issue even in ownership building premises that makes people avoid buying luxury high-end cars. We need more safety and technology to make parking simpler and safer. We want to enjoy valet privileges without handing your keys over. At 1 bhk in Vikhroli’s Intelligentia by Haware properties could have an app that ensures you can be on the road within minutes, using state of the art car retrieval systems. A turntable ensures that your car comes out facing front and you get the convenience of not having to reverse your car. This high-end technology is a definite essential for today’s living, where time is money.

Our lifestyle should evolve simultaneously with the changing technologies around us. Our needs are a lot more challenging thus we now need new age conveniences. We should credit the new age real estate developers for their outstanding solutions that meet our new age essentials for a home.

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