Surely times have changed and generation after generation we have seen our lifestyles modify with respect to the altering demands of society. Our work has got much more challenging and we need our dream homes made by top real estate developers in Mumbai to be intelligently equipped enough to relive us from as much stress as it can. We want our homes to be luxurious enough to tell the story of our hard work and success. The millennials today through their home and address want to make a statement to the world, and it is true that your home defines you.

  • Since millennials today are more involved in every aspect of an investment, it is crucial to be involved in the purchase paperwork process too. Either by hiring a diligent lawyer or booking through a highly ranked transparent Builder, who will make sure the paperwork is followed to the T devoid of any manipulations.
  • The entire industry jargon such as title deed, land use, approvals from Municipal Corporation, an occupational certificate, home loans, ROI on the property, etc. all should be checked and be in place before you seal the deal for your property in Mumbai. Most Millenials prefer under construction flats for sale in Mumbai yet in case of a resale like a property in Chembur, check for cover receipts of property tax paid and loan release document from bank.
  • For millennials who demand spaciousness to be a key factor for any new project Mumbai, should check for the final usable area of the apartment, especially in case of apartments under construction for e.g. for a 2 bhk in Ghatkopar the sale would be on the super built-up area. Millennials need to be comfortable with the final livable area.
  • With rapid advancements in technology, millennials hope their daily lives to become more intelligent too. Gadgets and devices are evolving and we should now gear up to make our homes more relevant and in sync with the millennial lifestyle like witnessed in a 2 bhk in Vikhroli’s Intelligentia.
  • Powered with cutting-edge technology, state-of-the-art amenities, and ultra-modern facilities, Intellingential a new project in Mumbai by Haware properties is set to redefine the skyline of Mumbai in Vikroli. From advanced mechanical stack parking and highest fire safety standards to flawless security systems, the project is set to appeal to Millenials.
  • The location and neighborhood are extremely significant for carrying out a healthy lifestyle. Also, it is equally important to check whether most of the other occupants in the building are like-minded socially and culturally.
  • Millennials should make sure the location of their residence is well connected and easily accessible by road and rail. Long travel hours could be detrimental to work-life balance.
  • Your dream home should be in a viable area equipped with social amenities like good educational institutions, commercial hubs, hospitals, shopping malls, grocery stores, etc. Recreational facilities such as parks playgrounds movie theatres and restaurants too should be in close proximity like for flats in Mulund, 1 bhk in Vikhroli or flats in Chembur.
  • Building amenities are most fundamental to comfort living, therefore, basic amenities such as water supply, Earthquake Resistant Structure, electricity supply, availability of domestic help, level of security and safety fire protection all should be mandatory.
  • But Millenials definitely need more than just the basic like Terrace Swimming Pools ,Extra Height of walls, Air Conditioned Designer Entrance Lobby with Italian Marble Flooring, Concierge Service, Spacious High Speed Fully Automatic Lifts, Gym, Terrace Lounge from Mind Body Soul & Spirit, Business Centre, Indoor Games Room, WiFi Homes, WiFi Building landscaped features and children play area.
  • Millennials finding their dream homes should also be aware of the intelligent amenities that they can avail if they choose a vested builder such as Haware Properties. Intelligential’s 2 bhk flats in Vikhroli possess these cutting edge technologies for better living.    
    • Home Automation to communicate with your home from wherever you are with interactive voice commands to help you control your home through your phone or tablet.
    • Intelligentia study rooms with WiFi, computers, printers in the library with digital access to more than 1000 different publications. Also, there is Intelligence Development Zones for various classes like drawing, singing, music, karate, abacus & many other intelligent activities.
    • Automated Parking Tower’s valet privileges have Intelligentia app ensuring that you can be on the road within minutes, using state of the art car retrieval systems.

Thus this checklist for the Millenials encompasses the basics they need to discern before purchasing their dream home and look for the best available options suiting the above parameters.

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