With the advancement in technology, just like cell phones, homes are also becoming smart. Digital transformation is a social change that our general public is encountering through the use of technology. This idea suggests combination of the methods for a generation that is totally reforming to the revolutionary procedures of the 21st century. The internet of things, robotics, virtual reality, Artificial Intelligence, and big data are some of the terms that are gradually modifying the real estate sector. 

Through digitalization, integrated data processing Technologies and intelligent software, homes are now more protected than ever and with personalized control, the residents enjoy luxurious comfort at a whole new level. These aspects generate more value in the production chain of real estate. Technological transformations aim to bridge communication and internalization between the builder and buyers, thus providing greater sustainability towards a futuristic environment. 

With the help of virtual technology in real estate advertisers will now easily convey project details, land organizations and step by step building of the real estate. This will bring about awesome client experience and will enable the purchaser to see, explore and set up their home, even before the structure has been assembled.

The web and smartphones are the keys to this transformation in the real estate sector. Home automation is the need of the hour and real estate developers in Mumbai are taking advantage of this technology to build more comfortable homes. The use of information, communication technologies, and Data Analytics enables management of parking, waste disposal, conserving energy and water, and personalized resident services. Haware introduces flats for sale in Mumbai with some of these facilities to ensure the collaboration of technology in the field of real estate. Haware Intelligentia is an example of technological advancements in the real estate sector as seen in the 2 bhk flats in Vikhroli 

  • Automated parking tower

The modern-day menace of parking space crunch has given rise to an automated car parking system (APS). Intelligentia a Haware properties project applies this facility in their flats in Mumbai. Technology now enables parking your car facing front within minutes without handing over your keys to the guard.

  • Home automation

 Need not to worry about switching on and off the lights, fans, or ACs. Home automation or smart home is a solution to these problems by automating the appliances and connecting them to a common network. Lights, morning timers, TV, entryways, windows, blinds, temperature frameworks, and all such computerized gadgets can converse with one another and get the directions. You can connect to your flat in Chembur or your 1 bhk in Bhandup without being there.

  • Smart kitchen

Adding intelligence to your cooking space can improve your recipes and speed of the work. 2 bhk flats in Vikhroli accompanied with world-class imported modular kitchens with and contemporary and smart kitchen appliances to let you enjoy cooking hassle-free.

  • Internet-based study room

 Children learn more and quick when they are in a group of their ages. Intelligentia provides an intellectual study area for kids with a huge collection of installed books computers, printers with Wi-Fi to have the best learning experience.

 Haware Properties are indeed the most ingenious real estate developers of Mumbai to have progressed with the changing times to incorporate technology in to their real estates and provide their residents the best of smart home technologies for a comfortable life. 

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