Giving your home a makeover is just a brilliant idea. How your home look says a lot about your personality and lifestyle choice. Therefore, decorating your home is no less than expressing yourself through art. Here is a handpicked list to decorate your flats in Mumbai creatively which would endow a new look to your home.

Giving taste to walls

The walls are a blank canvas of your house which you can use to convey your attitude. One simple way to add on the look is to paint your wall with variant colors, texture or some stencil that admires your personality.

You can also hang interesting art pieces and collages randomly to make it more attractive.

Organize furniture again

Arrange your furniture well that suits your wall and makes floor spacious in your new project in Mumbai. Positioning a sidewalk sofa in a narrow living room will make the room look broader and provide an impressive layout. Recliners and armchairs give your home that welcoming comfort. Throw colorful cushions to add that extra zing to your furniture.      

Bring in plants

Greenery always adds a breath of fresh air in the surroundings. If you do not have a green thumb, then try silk plants. Vertical gardens are popular these days they add a natural element to the house and bring in vibrancy. Vertical assembles are also provided by real estate developers in Mumbai in lobbies and entrances for a grand look.  

Laying a floormat

A mat in your new property in Mumbai amplifies interest in your conversation area. A rug beneath a dining table or a center table or in front of your bed gives your floor a delightful look. Just a small addition can give your home an appealing change. Furry rugs are in trend and pretty durable even for daily use

Try out nice curtains

Curtains that compliment your furniture and the wall paint give your home a dexterous touch. If you have to select a curtain for a bedroom, go for darker shades that would block out the light. Select the colors such that they contrast with other items that do not have to be changed and go for the colors that make you feel alive.

Pillows and books

Adding decorative pillows is an easy way to put in texture and pattern in an area.

Displaying some interesting thick cover books wrapped in the decorative color scheme also gives ambiance an intellectual appeal.

Embellish the walls with mirrors

Using mirrors to accessorize the walls is especially a great decor idea if you have small rooms. For a contemporary, sophisticated gesture, use large-sized mirrors with metal frames that have a matte finish. Mirrors reflect light and make any given space look more open and roomy.

Lamps and lights

Decorative lamps and lights at the slide enhance your living. LED light surrounding your LCD or any other piece of painting on the wall gives a classy look. If you choose to put multiple lights in one room, go for various sizes and styles.

Trying out these amazing and budget-friendly decor trends, you will surely make your residency love more. Follow your style and add the best value to your newly designed home. 

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