If you have a pet, be ready to deal with shredded hair and the saliva drops that your four-legged friend is going to leave everywhere. Say goodbye to your clothes as you will have your pet strand sticking to them, and yes, even the couch will have a fine fur coat soon!

But think about all the love, happiness and sunshine your pet is going to bring to your life. You can transform your property in Mumbai to make your home less dirty. Here are simple yet effective ways of making your home pet-friendly:  

 Bring in pet-friendly furniture

Purchase stain-resistant furniture to avoid scratch marks and spots on the wood of your new project in Mumbai. Make sure not to shop for velvet, silk and tweed fabrics as these are unguarded to stains. Instead, pick furniture with synthetic microfiber, leather and outdoor fabrics such as Sunbrella. Moreover, do not select a light color material as they are likely to highlight the stains.

Get trash cans with lids

Pets are more often to stick their head into the trash and spread it all over. Whether it is in kitchen, pantry or bathroom, replace low lying dustbins with tall covered trash cans. When selecting a trash can, pick the one that is both durable and secure. Furthermore, it is always hygienic to keep your bin in a closed-off pantry or behind the cabinet where pets cannot reach easily.

Move prescriptions and eatables to a protected spot

Some of the pills or human food can be dangerous for animals. Keep the things on an upper rack instead of placing it on common desks. The same goes for regular bathroom and floor cleaners. Our pups can’t handle many man’s intakes. Ordinary items in the kitchen, for example, grapes, chocolates, raisins, and avocados, can be particularly harmful to pooches and should be kept distant.

Place screens in your Windows

In the past few years, it is reported that pets die due to “high-rise syndrome”, in which cats jump from tall structured buildings. Opening the windows for fresh air and sunlight may lead to falling of your loved one and apparently, resulting into death or severe injury. So it is better to have window netting to reduce the risk of life.   

Go for tile flooring rather than carpet

Carpets aren’t strong enough to hide tints and damage from pets. Besides, it also absorbs dirt and stinks badly. Therefore, either porcelain tile or ceramic tile floorings are more suitable for pet bearing homes; these are impervious to stains and scratches. In case, if you go for carpets, buy ones that are washable and are of “indoor/outdoor” fabrics. Stay away from thickly woven sisal and jute mats as they can scrape your pet’s body.  

Thus, pet-proofing your home isn’t a difficult task to do and if you are looking for flats in Mumbai ready for you and your pets, try out reputed builders such as Haware properties new projects in Mumbai.

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