Pictures on Instagram are meant to showcase our daily lives in the most fascinating ways. Every time we click a picture of ourselves or our homes we target it to be Insta-worthy. The challenge to ensure that our beautiful homes look even more appealing in pictures could be rather daunting.

Therefore here’s a few relevant décor changes for a perfect picture you need to keep in mind while clicking for an outstanding result.

  •  Make a point to have one or two statement walls in your home, use a vibrant wallpaper or stencil painting. Make it resonates with your personality and tells your story. Click pictures with this as a backdrop as the statement wall makes a great background for a good-looking picture.
  • Keep changing the decor by shuffling the setting so that it gives a fresh look to your home. It need not be an expensive ordeal, moving around a few things always helps.
  • Choose unique handmade décor pieces on your travels or shopping sprees and decorate them in your house so that they look attractive and distinct. Try picking up things from local vendors rather than fancy stores. 
  • Strike a balance between products from large retail chains and smaller home-grown labels. It will make your home look unique. 
  • If you’re going to put something on the wall, make sure it’s framed. For cheap, “high quality” art, cut out and frame branded calendar pages. If you choose a good calendar, you’ll have 12 pieces. Handwritten quotes and paintings do give it an instant insta vibe.
  • Plants make your home look Instagram-worthy and they are great, natural air-purifiers too. They relieve stress and makes and your home, happy. It’s truly a win-win situation.
  • Candles can add that much needed dramatic touch to your room. Use them wisely. Light them for an evening party or dinner and see the magic they create. Command tape is a cheap, easy way to hang wall décor such as candles.
  • Update your rooms with pretty cottons for your summer look and replace them in the colder months with velvets, weaves, and woolen cushions. Colorful upholstery in the living room lifts the hues of your picture rendering a picture-perfect setting. Mostly choose light-colored linen when it comes to your bedroom or table upholstery.
  • Fairy lights can really enliven any space of your room. They are easily available in varied shapes and colors online and in your local market. Use lamps instead of overhead lighting for a cozier feel. Get cheap, warm LED light strips to run around your space for a cozy, Instagrammable look.
  • White and pastels make your room look spacious and also give a dreamy touch to it. Paint your walls with light colors so the room appears brighter and paint the ceiling a few shades lighter, it’ll make the room look bigger. Put a large mirror (or many small mirrors to save money) on one wall to make the space appear bigger than it is. 
  • Become a minimalist not only will your space look clean and polished, but you won’t have to spend money on excess to fill up your space. Use hidden areas, like under your bed or the back of closets, to store clutter. Use vertical space such as shelves or racks to increase the walking room and reduce the feeling of clutter. 

Just follow the above tips in your new project in Mumbai or your existing flats in Mumbai and make your home pictures Instagram worthy.

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