New Year’s eve is near at the hook and you all might have been started speculating about your new year’s resolution. You have plenty of things to make or remake. Some of you might be thinking of having your own dream home, a luxurious property in Mumbai. If you are planning to have one, here are the ideas which can help you to accomplish your 2020s resolution: 

Set a Savings Goal

If you are wishing to buy a new home then you have to do down payment. And for this, it is always better to save monthly before actually purchasing. No one knows how these savings can help you in the realtime. Even if it’s only a few bucks, having a clear picture of your finances and committing to putting away a certain amount each month can help a lot in the long run. Keep in mind that you will most likely be approved for a loan, even if you don’t have the full 20 percent down payment.

Fix your credit and debit

Your credits will lead you to be approved for mortgage loans in the bank. And the rate at which it is issued will help you in buying your home. Make all payments on time and in full. Reduce your credit card balances or stop using your credit cards completely. If you have poor credit, you may be unable to secure a loan or may get stuck with a high-interest rate. To have a good loan, you should start working to fix your credit asap.

Get Your Documents in Order

In order to get pre-approved for a loan, and certainly before the mortgage lender will issue you a loan, you’ll need to provide a variety of documents. These documents may include at least two years’ worth of tax returns, W-2s, employment history, income/bank statements, and proof of assets. The shortly you start organizing these documents, the sooner you’ll get to know where you fall and can start taking steps to correct this.

Investigate homes to be perfect

Before you sign any deal, examine the home well.  Take time to explore your options, look at flats in Mumbai with different neighborhoods, decide your budget, and consider whether you want to buy or rent a new home. Newer homes often have many benefits that older homes lack, require little maintenance, and can be personalized to fit your style!

Our Home Builders Can Help

With such a Holistic Lifestyle in the flats in Mumbai, the entire family can rejuvenate the Mind, Body, Soul, and Spirit. The terrace sky dining, BBQ and lounge can be events to cherish. Families can enjoy an impromptu picnic at the Picnic Pavilion. Sleep under the stars in tents or sharpen minds in the Chess Garden at Haware’s Intelligentia. The young and old can find inner peace on the Meditation Deck, Floral Sanctuary or the Walking Track. However, it is often witnessed that families prosper while inevitably enjoying and sharing such luxuries together, eventually making their homes and lives perfect. At Haware Intelligentia, we have your dream home for sale! Come see our new homes sprinkled throughout Mumbai. Buying your first home is exciting – let us help!

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