You have ample work to do outside the house and doing all this with a pet is difficult. As pet owners, it is painful to leave your cute friend alone at the home. There’s no way to ensure your pet is safe or not.

With the advancement of technology, smart home devices at flats in Mumbai include pet-tech to provide convenience, safety, fewer smells, and peace of mind. Whether it’s a new way to feed, entertain, or monitor a pet, there’s a growing market of smart devices that offer technology-driven solutions to keep your four-legged family members healthy and happy, even when you’re not at home.

Here are some of the smart products for your pet to stay healthy and happy which can now be compatible with your smart home provided by reputed real estate developers in Mumbai 

Pet specific cameras 

Many families have surveillance in and out of the home. But this is not enough for your pet. Special pet cameras are designed at pets’ eye level to peep into them closely. They can be tied in their collar bands so that you may know their exact location and the activities are done by them quickly. It also comes with a bark sensor which aware of the owner to check-in if the pet has something to say.

Petnet smart feeder

Pet kicking off the food is a common problem. At the same time, you are running short for your office. For you, the Petnet SmartFeeder is a perfect device. An automatic pet feeder that dispenses dry food on organized intervals, regulated by smartphone with smart home device pairing abilities. This feeder also provides a nutritious count to evaluate your pet’s diet and uses pet-specific metrics to determine the perfect feeding frequency and serving sizes.

The little cat

Pet needs some fun and playtime. Making them do exercises keeps them healthy especially with lazy cats. This device has an LED light to follow the wheel’s movement to give your Fluffy something to hunt. The creative invention can help housebound cats stay off obesity and boredom. Owners can control the speed from their smartphones or may leave settings on manual mode. Later, you can review exercise information and manage it accordingly.


Pets have the habit to spread over the waste on the floor. This consumes a lot of time to make it clean and fresh. Lavviebot litterbox is one of the useful devices among all. It sends notifications when the pet is around by evaluating the weight. It also informs when the trash tray needs to be get emptied. Moreover, it rotates sifts waste, removes odor and blinks up the light in the evening time for use.

Smart home devices have transformed the viewpoint of pet owners. Now, you have access to a number of tools that provide savvy ways to keep an eye on four-legged friends from afar. To avail such pet-friendly property in Mumbai, trust reputed builders with smart home technologies such as Haware properties Intelligentia with 2 bhk flat in Vikhroli.

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