Christmas is meant to be a time to enjoy precious moments spent with family and friends, but all too often we find ourselves rushing to decorate our homes perfectly. The good news is, some evergreen garlands, a colorful wreath in the window and an arrangement of simple votives twinkling on the mantel can delight your property in Mumbai. Moreover, here is a list of quick and easy ways to make your home festive.

Warm Welcome

Greet guests by arranging a set of festive candleholders and lanterns at your flats in Mumbai for a warm gleam. Select lanterns and sconces that you already have in your house for a cozy, different look. Or, purchase matching pairs in graceful shades of gold and deep reds for a more upscale impact. You can also place wrapped gifts for the Christmas spirit. 

Hang Vintage Ornaments

Occasionally, the best way to adorn a Christmas tree is with memories collected by your family. There is no need to reinvent and repurchase your Christmas tree decorations every year. Decorating with a variety of themed ornaments will add a personalized touch that standard, matching ornaments cannot compete with; it is perfectly okay to use the same ornaments every year. Each unique ornament will tell a story, and your Christmas tree will act as a great conversation piece during the gatherings.


Forge a Centerpiece

Create a formal and gorgeous Christmas centerpiece with romantic red roses surrounded by white tallow berries. Try to showcase metallic silver vases because they reflect everything in the environment and looks prismatic. Prepare your own custom napkin rings with natural cedar roses. When serving the meal, drizzle some strong scents and let the savory aromas of your meal take the stage.

Fill Cylinders with Ornaments

For a sophisticated Christmas scene, fill transparent glass cylinders with painted festival objects. Use spray paint to put in a shimmery touch to pinecones, acorns, or round glass jewels. A metallic color scheme is displayed above; however, you can also use rich red and deep green, or ice blue and white – it just depends on your home’s color scheme. 

Don’t Forget the Staircase

Take advantage of your beautiful banister. Drape festive green winter garland up the handrail of a staircase, and attach it with metallic gold or rich red bows for a Christmas welcome in your hall. You can also add aromatic clippings from your Christmas tree for a cheery bonus!

Christmas tree for home

Thus, these were some tips for a glamorous, eye-catching look to your flat in Mumbai. I hope this stunning idea will make you smile every time you see your home! 

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