Inventive Home intelligent Technology is gradually evolving and being rapidly integrated into luxury homes by reputed real estate developers of Mumbai. Evolving of Home technology enables the buyers to keep pace with this generation’s fast and progressed life. Moreover, it is also an opportunity for builders to give their project an extra edge over the others and be of millennial appeal. 

The New Age Home technology presently allows users to control their home’s thermostat, lights and security systems remotely via smartphone. But the year 2020 will prove to be the year of futuristic smart home with highly integrated tech with Artificial Intelligence. Since technology in this market continues to grow leaps and bounds the home front too will relish the taste of the latest. Thus here are few predicted Home technologies for 2020 which potential buyers will have to adapt to;

 Integration of Smart Home Devices with Greater Role for Artificial Intelligence

Integration will make smart home technology even more dependable. With AI technology your home will be competent enough to make sure you remembered to turn off all the lights, Locked up all the doors and De-activate alarms just upon facial recognizing. The video surveillance too will get better with AI being used to automate threat detection and alert the owner proactively if something goes askew. This would bring about a revolution in the human video monitoring system being replaced by reliable AI.

Homeowner Data Sharing Increases Efficiency, Control, and Customization

By the commencement of the year 2020, high tech homeowners will have to adapt to sharing their data with businesses that will respond to their requirements even before they realize the need of it. This is assumed to probably be the next big thing in smart home technology. Imagine having your fridge order the food you need as per data collected or the thermostat and lightings setting the preferred mood and temperature for your arrival. Data will be continually collected and shared by smart devices companies that build such products. However, technology will become much more efficient, and we will be able to control all our appliances from one central place. With the permission of the user to collect data AI will develop to eventually minimize the need to manual control and automatically adjust to users preferences

 Smart Kitchen Gadgets with Increased Voice Control Integration

By 2020 we are going to see more and smarter kitchen gadgets come on the market, such as rice cookers that are connected to voice control, smart crockpots and integrated apps. We’ll be able to control other devices of the kitchen from our smartphones too. Home technologies will integrate into so much more of our daily lives. Voice control of technologies that are included in your phone, TV, home audio and even car dashboard will be commonplace by the end of 2019. Voice is going to be the breakthrough advancement that really allows these technologies to become ubiquitous.

Therefore while we are at the threshold of the year the 2020s and waiting for our new year to begin, the continual evolving home technology might have invested something more advanced. Getting accustomed as fast as we can to the latest tech trends in home design will help us to avail of their benefits and enjoy its provided conveniences to the fullest.

Haware Properties gives its potential residents an opportunity to experience and evolve with the home tech by providing Intelligent homes as 2 bhk flat In Vikhroli. Intelligentia by Haware Properties is a unique Smart home project in India, based in Vikhroli, Pushing beyond boundaries, with modernity and sophistication in all their projects. They have successfully incorporated global trends in technology with expertise to enhance living solutions locally in their new projects in Mumbai.

From the latest Voice controlled home automation to the lighting control, or creating properties with automated parking, real estate developers in Mumbai such as Haware Properties are toe-to-toe with the advancing technology with their remarkable intelligent homes.

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