Vikhroli is a cultural hub in the north-eastern part of Mumbai. In the past decade, Vikhroli has grown exponentially experiencing a demand in the real estate sector. This is mainly due to discerning buyers and real estate developers recognizing its seamless benefits.  The soothing environment and latest infrastructural developments have made this location much coveted within discerning buyers. As most locations here to the commercial and residential complexes gave impetus to each other’s growth making Vikhroli one of Mumbai’s most upmarket commercial and residential hubs.

Life of the region

A vibrant ambience is preferred by most Mumbaikars and Vikhroli’s nightlife serves the same. This is indeed the fun suburb of Mumbai and favorite of the culturatis, due to its popular commercial establishments, such as Phoenix Market, R-City mall, Home Depot, Timbuktoo, Pop Tate’s, The Hill Green, Moksh, pizza season, Shanghai express, Rohini Vilas, cake corner, and many more. There are multiple residential complexes, luxury hotels, malls, and megastores.

This area is a perfect synecdoche of the country with diverse communities and cultures living in perfect harmony. The cheerful festivities of Ganesh Chaturthi, dandiya and Eid are perhaps proof of their cultural enthusiasm. The cosmopolitan environs of Vikhroli are perhaps the most attractive feature for potential buyers.

Connectivity to other spots

The expansion of infrastructure has been vital for the recent development of attractive housing destinations in this suburb. Reputed real estate developers of Mumbai recognize the power of seamless connectivity and thus choose that location to build the finest of their structures. Vikhroli is well connected by rail and road; it has several public and private transportation options such as buses, rickshaws, etc. The Jogeshwari-Vikhroli link Road JVLR project has been proposed to link the western and eastern suburbs of Mumbai. The nearest railway station to Vikhroli is Ghatkopar and Kanjurmarg. The Mumbai International Airport is located at a driving distance of about 7.3 km. Thus, all major nodes are within reach of this bustling suburb.

Best Educational institutions

Having renowned education in the vicinity is a definite luxury for families. Residents of Vikhroli are fortunate to have numerous institutions imparting great education to its residents, Guru Nanak school, Jack & Jill, Dhanraji Pal Vidyalaya, and Kinis Gurukul are few of the many. The Sajveeni Special School is also in the vicinity. Many colleges such as Vikas College of Arts, Science & Commerce, Sandesh Vidyalaya college of art and commerce, Abhay Shikshan Kendra D Ed College, etc are also around the corner. Its highly convenient for families to avail education from close by institutions and it also gives a great vibe to the area.  

Top Healthcare and amenities

Emergencies are unavoidable and living in an area that is self-sufficient can be very relaxing for the residents. Vikhroli houses good healthcare facilities such as Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Hospital, Mahatma Phule Municipal Hospital center, and Godrej memorial center, etc. These are a few of the many well-resourced medical facilities available in Vikhroli. Banks and ATMs now too are of utmost importance and having them within the locality could be extremely facilitative. Vikhroli does have nationalized, cooperative and private banks and ATMs all around the area, these necessary social amenities when they are present in a neighborhood it elevates the lifestyle bringing a sense of ease and comfort.

Vikhroli with all its uber plus amenities is definitely an attractive housing destination and adding to its present charm is project Intelligentia. Haware Properties project Vikhroli Intelligentia personifies luxury and moreover allures a discerning crowd due to its unique intelligent features. Thus a 1 bhk in Vikhroli or 2 bhk flats in Vikhroli offers a balanced lifestyle with all the prerequisites for modern and convenient living.

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