Interior design of your home speaks volume about your lifestyle and personality. Bringing trendy changes into your interiors can bring a new zeal in your life. With the introduction of bold shades of terracotta, burnt orange, ochre, and buttery tan on walls can suddenly make a world of a difference. Gorgeous tactile textures such as bouclé, contemporary furniture, and accessories echoing nature and organic forms are the most influential interior trends of 2020. These unique modifications promise to bring mellow warmth to our homes. Here are few interior trends in 2020 that will bloom your property in Mumbai impressively.

Sustainability & Biophilic Design

Interior designers have firmly aligned themselves with the sustainability and biophilia movements this year. They are leveraging their purchasing power in a more strategic and purposeful way that fully embraces the use of handcrafted and recycled items, natural, organic and sustainable materials ranging from wood to stone, granite, jute, rice paper, and clay. These kinds of spaces emphasize the connections between humans and nature by bringing outside elements into our living spaces in a very grounding way that contrasts strongly with the fast-paced, artificial and technological world that surrounds us. This style feature a variety of plantlife, patterns replicated from nature for walls and furniture, and an abundance of natural light.


The reign of minimalism of Scandinavian design is finally coming to an end. After decades of uniformity, neutral colors, clean edges, and almost sterile spaces in our households, there seems to be a shift in the complete opposite direction. The maximalist design style embraces freedom and rejects limitations by allowing for mixed colors, patterns and textures. As such, we have been seeing more and more flats in Mumbai that elegantly incorporate bold colors, graphic patterns, exuberant furnishings, large-scale pieces, organic shapes that make their space glitter their personality and its surely a better way to style in.

Mixed Metals

Incorporating a few different types of metals in the styling of a room can be a tasteful way to evoke a vintage feel with balance and definition. With some moderation and depending on the context, designers recommend that different kinds of metal mixing are a unique addition to make a space look fairly easy. The use of stamped tin panels or tin ceilings is an inexpensive way to add texture.

Black is back

Black color in furniture, walls, finishes, fixtures, prints, replaces last year’s obsession with cooler neutral gray tones. The easiest way to incorporate it is through subtle hints in the accessories of your space. Bathroom and kitchen design is shifting away from the traditional clean and white decor to a darker, and thus more elegant and sultry, design. The main thing that you have to consider is the natural lighting of the room since it will help to prevent the room from feeling too dark and smaller in size. To help with this, it’s recommended to balance the black with plants and splashes of white in the furnishings.

Therefore, the main trends of 2020 for interiors focus heavily on naturalness and personality. However, you should always decorate your space with your personal taste. Select articles and colors that resonate to your personality or rely on Builders such as Haware properties that give you aesthetically appealing homes with intelligent interiors

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