Homeowners and designers have been relying on single color trends, like acid blue or anthracite, to jazz up a wall or an entire room for a while. But lately, a subtler use of color became more rampant as was appeasing to the senses. However this generation wants to different and bold therefore times for a change have come, making use of multiple harmonizing or contrasting hues working with one another on the walls of your flats in Mumbai will make it flaunt its opulence. Rather than sticking to a monochrome tinge, there are plenty of shades to make your place look colorful and elegant. Here are a few palettes to bring in colors of the latest trend in 2020.  

Variety of tints  

Trending and novelty colors like burnt/rusty orange, olive green, and blood-red are still well-represented. Monochromatic color palettes seem to be dwindling; now subtle color mixes based on analogous harmonies of three to five hues, combining primary and secondary colors, or triadic coloring contrasts are in style.

Warm Hues

Melodies of warm and stimulating colors such as burgundy, blood red, wine red, rusty orange, mustard, and golden brown create a look that’s warm, energetic and perfect for invigorating interior spaces. Absolutely, these are the novel hues for this year.

Frigid Green

Among the cooler color spectrum, it’s near impossible to ignore the color combination of various shades of green. For green, proving to be one of the big colors of 2019, still appears sporadically, while a new green on the block with its tinge of yellow that leans towards being a warmer khaki-olive color. Verdigris green, linden green, and almond green have been bringing about positive thoughts, clearly surviving the Scandinavian era. These green hues work as a nod to nature and are always welcome in the home.

Sweet Hues of Beige, Taupe, Greige, Honey, and Fawn

These colors are classic, timeless complexions rather than novelties. However, to enhance these colors the best way is to combine different shades of these colors together. Taupe and the spectrum of brown are highlighted much like a comeback. Moreover, mustard yellow, fawn, and sienna also portray an aromatic environment. These warm comforting palettes inspire cuddling up with a blanket and a good book.

Fresh Spring Contrasts

What colors match khaki or olive green? To take these serene colors to the next level, nothing beats soft powder pink, peach, coral or mustard. These contrasting colors bring an element of warmth without being too overbearing, like sweet little flowers in a meadow. This color scheme creates an atmosphere and ambiance inspired by nature which evokes spring-time cheer. Khaki Green, Yellow-Green, Pink, Orange, and Sienna tops the list in great contrasts.

Hence, all the color symmetries discussed above work for dark as well as light colors alike as there are various different shades and hues of these colors. It depends on you to choose your appetite combination, whether it’s olive green, rusty orange, and coral, or almond green, subtle pink and peach. The appearance of your property in Mumbai definitely promises to be very colorful!

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