From an all-new Hitech City to an ever-expanding Metro network, and from winning the Ease of Living survey to being the country’s Urban Mobility Lab, Mumbai is home to a number of the many firsts in the nation. Property in Mumbai is developing as quickly as the city itself. Parts of the city that were termed as the ‘outskirts’ a couple of years ago are presently flourishing localities with new choices for dining and shopping starting up very frequently. All these developments have made the city all the more exciting and attracting the real estate developers in Mumbai to choose suburbs for their projects. A better life in a pollution-free environment away from the rush and noise of the city drives people to choose apartments at Haware Intelligentia. Let’s take a dip in Intelligentia’s refreshing lifestyle.


Luxurious Amenities

The apartments at Haware provide health and fitness amenities such as gyms, swimming pools, parks, jogging tracks, lounge, children play areas, etc. It assures a convenient and upgraded life with home automation that safeguards your home, has programmable curtains, sets light as per the Mood and ambience and has Voice-controlled entertainment systems. Thus residents can avail marvelous facilities at their doorstep.


Quality of life

The well-managed gardens and open areas promote social interaction. You can celebrate festivals and take part in cultural programs. The Intelligentia’s lifestyle enriches relations among people of all ages. It is notable that the life span and some illnesses are improved by social encouraging groups of people, and the neighborhood provides such connections. Families can enjoy an impromptu picnic at the Picnic Pavilion. Sleep under the stars in tents or sharpen minds in the Chess Garden. The young and old can find inner peace on the Meditation Deck, Floral Sanctuary or the Walking Track.


An active lifestyle

Nowadays, most people are health-conscious. The space around your apartments promotes an active lifestyle that ensures your good health and has a strong immune system. It provides space for sports and other recreational activities. You can come out for a walk in the garden and have your children play as well. Modern life amenities by real estate developers in Mumbai such as Haware properties have added extra zing and enthusiasm to the life of the families, where they conveniently can enjoy health and fitness amenities without traveling.



The trees and plants in and around the campus improve air quality. The parks protect soil erosion and retain rainwater preserving the natural environment. The greenery provides shade and a soothing environment to relax your mind and body when you come back home from work.


Safety and Security

The surveillance facility keeps an eye on your property all day. The cameras also showcase unoccupied premises preventing crime. Security guards walk around and tackle problems as soon as possible, providing community safety. The fear of unknown people with a malicious mind is also reduced. Your children are safe playing in and around the building.


Intelligence Zone

Haware Intelligentia has an intelligence zone that is provided for nurturing the hidden talent in kids. This intelligent zone has a common study room and library with WiFi, computers & printers, and a space for various classes like drawing, singing, music, karate, abacus & many other intelligent activities. Mothers are the happiest as they can now cut the chaos of catching up with various classes through traffic and keep the kids effortlessly occupied in the intelligence development zone.


Automated Parking Tower

Imagine valet privileges without handing your keys over, wouldn’t it be the greatest comfort for the person behind the wheel. The Intelligentia app ensures that you can be on the road within minutes, using state of the art car retrieval systems.


Home Automation

Definitely, customization for your home, with easy interactive technology from wherever you are; is worth a million buck. At Intelligentia, your home anticipates all your needs, without you even being there. The Smart home interactive automation system is extremely enjoyable for families.


Smart Kitchen

Bringing the freshness back into the kitchen, Intelligentia 1 bhk flats in Vikhroli homes come with world-class imported modular kitchens with soft close finishes on all drawers and doors. The contemporary stylish kitchens come with best quality platforms, kitchen sinks and branded appliances like in-built hob, chimney & microwave.


Therefore, access to Haware’s property increase physical activity levels, improve mental health, reduce health care and other costs. The space layout with more green cover is undertaken so that people can spend time close to nature. Thus Haware Intelligentia gives its residents an opportunity to take a dip in its refreshing lifestyle amenities.

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