Mumbai is as diverse as it is vast. It is a place that sees many cultures come together, celebrating their differences and living in harmony. The geographic terrain of Mumbai is rich and eclectic. Magnificent coastline, mosaics of grasslands, tropical beaches, and vast stretches of wilderness beautify the land with serenity.

Similarly, there are varied locations in Mumbai such as Vikhroli that emphasize the beauty and diversity of the region. From West to East, North to South, this place packs an assortment of treasures for nature lovers. Here is a rundown of some of the reasons where you can find Vikhroli as the most scenic place in Mumbai Suburbs.


An Iconic Appeal


Be it New York, London, Hong Kong or Mumbai, every iconic city is defined by its iconic landmarks. Legends from across the globe – from architects to designers have lent their expertise to create a holistic residential experience in Vikhroli. The real estate market in Vikhroli is going through a trend of affordable housing. Many new residential projects in Vikhroli are taken up by real estate developers in Mumbai. Luxury flats are gaining popularity as they provide extravagance at affordable rates.


Exclusive Infrastructure


Vikhroli has not had rave reviews in the past for its infrastructure. But things are now changing. The JVLR project has made Vikhroli a lucrative suburb to reside in. Private theatres, squash courts, fully equipped gyms, swimming pools, premium spas, manicured gardens, glass facades, exquisite interiors, fine dining restaurants, discotheques, meeting rooms, and lush landscaping provides international-level amenities waiting to be experienced. This has given rise to the demands for 2 bhk flats in Vikhroli.


Enthusiastic Celebration


Vikhroli has a place for everybody. People all over the country live here in peace and harmony celebrating all kinds of festivals together. Vikhroli hosts thousands of devotees every year during the Ganesh Chaturthi festival for the visarjan processions, bringing the suburb to life during the festivities. Due to this, a lot of people prefer owning a 1 bhk in Vikhroli which has a robust blend of different cultures.


Entertainment package


The life of Vikhroli is alive and vibrant. The mangrove forests in the area provide peace and a calm environment for the people to relax. Vikhroli has also been captioned in various movies. It houses myriad commercial institutions, such as Phoenix Market, R-City mall, Home Depot, Timbuktoo, Pop Tate’s, The Hill Green, Moksh, pizza season, Shanghai express, Rohini Vilas, cake corner, and many more to entertain you. There are multiple residential complexes, luxury hotels, malls, and megastores. The area itself is a massive solvent of diverse communities and cultures, making it one of the most cosmopolitan and contemporary localities in the region.


Therefore, Vikhroli provides you the panoramic view that handsomely steals your mind and body. Enveloped by trees and plants, broad roads with plantations and many green peaceful spaces make this area extremely comfortable to live in. Therefore choose 2 bhk flats in Vikhroli that boasts of an uninterrupted view such as Haware Intelligentia.

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