Currently, affluent home buyers announce their arrival in the city of dreams aspiring for the most exclusive comfortable and luxurious lifestyle amenities with global features for their new project in Mumbai. Once upon a time amenities such as swimming pool in an apartment complex, or an Italian kitchen and marble flooring, German fittings, and Italian marble flooring were considered an extravagance and were symbols of luxurious living in India. However, with the exceptional increase in Premium luxury projects in India redefining luxury the buyers now demand homes that reflect their financial and social status. Global luxury is a coveted factor and developers are making most of this demand by complying with the required standards.

A whole new approach by real estate developers of Mumbai is being taken with an entirely new dimension with a lot of innovative concepts integrated in the luxury segment. Therefore, presently luxury housing projects are not just limited to golf-based or destination-based, wellness-based, spa-based and other themes for residents who aspire to experience endless amenities within their vicinity. The high net worth individual property buyers increasingly opt for the two villa formats.

The current and the most upcoming trend is to focus on exclusivity, where the developers are now concentrating to expand and go beyond an independent villa to an enclave format that brings in the exclusivity quotient to perfection. Here the residents are not only equipped with all the global amenities but are also gifted with much-needed privacy. Smart home technology makes this possible

Branded residences such as Haware Intelligentia offer the best services for both a five-star hotel chain and a luxury apartment, which is an emerging concept in luxury housing in India. The concept is slowly gaining ground in India, with projects coming up across the country. Theme homes and designer homes are other concepts getting popular among affluent buyers taking inspiration from the European construction world. Smart homes are bringing a new wave of comfort and conveniences in the present-day lifestyle. Discerning buyers prefer to purchase acquisitions that are now loaded with the new era of tech. In the past few years, the theme of technological advancements in residential property is being excitedly accepted. New-age homeowners are astute enough to adapt to this modern type of living.1 bhk in Vikhroli and 2 bhk flats in Vikhroli by reputed Haware Properties.

Luxurious indoor and outdoor features of homes provide comfort and peace to each of its residents. Modern life amenities undoubtedly render a stress free lifestyle. Therefore, reputed real estate developers in Mumbai such as the Haware Properties craft luxurious interiors and exteriors for the convenience and pleasure of their potential clients.  


Smart homes evoke a sense of succession that beckons the millennial. Smart homes fulfill the expectations of how housing should be. New projects in Mumbai by Haware properties are at best to provide smart homes. Intelligentia is a unique future-ready tower that ticks all the right boxes when it comes to nurturing excellence for singles, couples, nuclear and extended families. Intelligentia provides Intelligence encompassing not only amenities or designs but also the surrounding ambience. Potential buyers get a carefree and automated lifestyle, that has safeguarded your home, has programmable curtains, sets light as per the mood and ambience and has voice-controlled entertainment systems.

It is estimated that today, at a growth rate of more than 20 percent, India has the fastest-growing number of high net-worth individuals in the world, and real estate comprises approximately 40 percent of their investment portfolio. Even Tier I & II cities comprising of middle-class segments with high disposable incomes are fast moving towards luxury housing. Therefore, theme-based homes are must to redefine luxury for every potential buyer 

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