The power of imagination combined with science fiction has become reality technological advancements. With which the real estate industry has got far more evolved, giving sellers and buyers an entirely new interactive platform. This new-age technology is an opportunity to have a much closer look and bring in complete transparency in the project. 

In the Earlier decades, Realtors faced limitations in presenting their visions for their flats for sale in Mumbai since they had very limited means of displaying their properties. The multiple listing system (MLS) was used before weekly with agents and brokers. Now with technology by their side, the industry has moved into online listings with descriptive methods with elaborate guided imagery. The Three-dimensional viewing is a dynamic platform in which photographers take pictures from every angle for a more natural-looking representation than the two-dimensional version. This technology is viable for various types of real estate needs.

In today’s competitive scenario Real estate properties have to be touted by the real estate developers in Mumbai with the help of cutting edge technology. Companies are continually developing upgraded versions of the latest technology to bring properties to life so that buyers, sellers, developers, and real estate personnel can have surreal experience and feel, even before they are built.

Visualizing architecture for a property in Mumbai that has not been built is challenging, but this technology allows buyers to preview these properties, both from inside and outside for complete understanding.

This emerging trend plays a significant role in increasing the appeal of the project and allure discerning buyers, investors, and realtors. It is also a great way to promote properties that are in the development stage as well as those that are already built. The interactivity of this new technology helps win over consumers to buy sell or invest.

This tech attracts especially to millennials who are accustomed to instant gratification in their daily lives, and powerful visual content appealing to their senses. The real estate firms benefit a lot as it increases the number of listings when they show how they can effectively and efficiently market their properties for greater potential sales prices. At times the sensational virtual reality element charms the buyers completely and convinces him to a great extent.

Also on a global level, this hi-tech feature makes it very conducive for NRI investors by giving them an actual experience of a distant project through a hand-held device. Showcasing the properties of the project to a potential buyer far away through a walkthrough in a prospect thousands of miles away is the most modern and economical way to stand out from the crowd while sealing the deal.

In case of rental acquisitions, the Landlord/tenant communication improves when potential tenants can virtually walk through a rental. It saves time for the landlord or property manager to repeatedly going through the drill of showing the property. In addition to walk through, a video library can be accessible to tenants who need questions answered about the working of the flats in Mumbai as rental units.

This trend with the advancement of speedy internet has radically changed the viewing habits of buyers with online MLS. This revolutionizes trend of, virtual reality has changed the way buyers, sellers, renters, and property managers are doing business and will sustain in the future too.



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