Moving House Feng Shui

Feng shui is touted as the most popular form of interior alteration to bring lady luck into your life. it is an amalgamation of ancient Chinese practice and science that strives to harmonize people with their environments through the use of energy. Thus many modern designs are influenced by Feng shui principles and have unique architecture to help determine the placement and orientation of a structure. From the smallest tchotchke artifact to the largest elements such as furniture, plants and sculptures can all be oriented as per Feng Shui.

Therefore if you’re moving house and are keen to invite prosperity for a good start in your new place, you might consider incorporating Feng shui practices into your move.

Choose an Auspicious Moving House Feng Shui Date

The date of moving should be according to the Chinese Almanac. This is calculated after determining the birthdays of all of the members of the household that will be moving. The head of the household will have the greatest impact on the feng shui moving house date.

Clearing Out the Old to Make Space for the New

Feng Shui also professes de-cluttering as a method of leaving behind the old or bad energy so that your start is ridden off the negativity. This process strongly emphasizes harmony through this process. Therefore, as you pack simultaneously get rid of things that are old and used or are of no use such as old brooms and mops. Your new home should have designated space for every item new and old. This will function to curb clutter and confusion in your start.

Preparing Your Home for Moving House Feng Shui

It is important that the house is ready before you do the moving ceremony, on the official date of moving everything should be up-to-date and functional as a running home such as;

  • Placing flowers, play music and have a bowl of fresh fruit and have cooked meals if possible.
  • Dress in a vibrant color for clothing on the moving day and use colorful decorations. A lively color will bring warmth and positive energy into the home.
  • Buying something new with love for the house could also bring in positivity. This item could be a candle, work of art or a piece of furniture. Its purpose is to bring joy into your home.

Feng Shui Moving Into a New House Ritual

The ritual while moving should be followed for harmony, prosperity and good energy.

  • Avoid small quarrels on moving day. Parents should not displace their anger on the kids. As this invites disharmony and negative energy into the home.
  • All members of the household should enter the new home with a token of love or something meaningful or auspicious. Such as a fruit that is symbolic. Someone should carry a container with rice and two red pockets. This symbolizes wealth and prosperity. The container should only be filled halfway to allow more wealth to enter. Pregnant women should not be a part of moving day activities.
  • Also, turn on all of the lights and appliances as soon as you enter the home. This prepares it for its future function. Bake a dessert or make something sweet to bring more positive energy and sweetness into your home.

A mental preparation towards your new life is also vital and this can be achieved by leaving behind old habits and bad memories. This propels a clean start and invites tremendous harmony and positive energies into your new home and your new life.


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