Today gadgets and gizmos are effortlessly intervened into our lives to make it more comfortable and interesting. Technology such as motion sensors that can dial numbers, lockers that send an immediate SMS to alert your phone and entryway bolts that alarm your neighbors in your absence

These segments of new-age home security frameworks and gadgets combine with innovation to make your home the same place.

Product options

  • Modest motion detectors approx cost: Rs 800–1,000 can track each development in a vacant house and sends constant cautions to telephone quantities of your decision.
  • Biometric locks of around Rs 20,000 can examine your unique finger impression or potentially your face, to enable access to your home.
  • Enabled thief and fire cautions Rs 15,000 are remote controlled and can be activated or deactivated, through your phone
  • Simple wireless burglar alarms that cost just Rs 250, can also be attached on your entryways and windows.
  • A basic entryway stop alert keeps your entryway from opening and awakens your neighbors deep in the night. At a cost of Rs 225, this gadget can help reduce the stress of leaving elderly individuals or youthful children alone at home.
  • An anti-theft padlock at just Rs. 500 also be alternatively utilized on the entryway or door, which raises a spontaneous caution on the off chance that somebody tries to alter it.
  • Video door phones are a common accessory and provided by most builders easily accessible to speak to your visitor. The cost of the amenity which is mostly bared by the builder begin at Rs 5,000 and can go straight up to Rs 40,000, depending upon the brand.
  • There are several Apps that can help you out at minimal cost. Which when downloaded on the smartphone or tablet with an efficient camera functions as a burglar alarm and sends SMS and email alerts, as soon as it detects any activity at home. You can even get photographs, to know what exactly is going on.
  • Camera’s, through which you can watch a live feed via Wi-Fi or mobile networks, get alerts through the motion detector. One can conveniently pick a time when you would like to start/stop recording and even control the camera angle remotely.
  • While advances in technology enable us to have more control, traditional methods are yet followed.  These old-style typical lock completely deny intrusion, while the latest technologically advanced systems have the capacity to not only detect but also alter the systems the more you integrate they the more they offer such as post-event analysis in case of an intrusion.

However a few prerequisites, like electricity supply, a good bandwidth with a strong GSM network connectivity, Wi-Fi connectivity, etc. Also, the installation has to be done by a professional company so that it’s perfectly compatible.

Since the modern home security systems are a bit complex and installing them by self could be a daunting task, most prefer to bear that minimum cost of installation by a professional. Prices vary as per product brand and you can avail a ton of options for all the above systems. Some branded ones also come with a complimentary installation service. Therefore home security systems can be efficient and inexpensive.

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