Use your travel collectibles to create an interesting home décor

Our home décor more often than not is an extension of our personality. The artifacts, the furniture, and the colors speak volumes about our lifestyle and our choices. If we are a well-traveled person we do wish to illustrate that through our décor and give our interiors an over the world kind of global look.  

A personalized space giving the world a brief input into your personality can be achieved through even maps and suitcases. Humdrum items associated with traveling, can actually spruce up the home décor and create a personalized space in 2 bhk flat in Vikhroli.

Therefore, seasoned travelers usually showcase their collectibles, maps, souvenirs, postcards, and photos, through their home décor. This can give your personal space an extraordinary touch to your home. A travel-themed décor can create an interesting and an inimitable amalgamation of contemporary and ethnic trends.

1. Blow up the Map

After a fun vacation, do retain the maps and ingeniously transform them into a personalized art. One way is to use a blown-up map and then add photos of the destinations visited by you, or mark out relevant locations with picturesque momentous. This will add zing to your property in Mumbai.

2. Currency art

Currency of the visited country in form of coins and bills can make an interesting art that will be unique to your home. A shadow box frame, combining maps, coins and currencies is a great way to display. Also, foreign coins can be turned into magnets and they would look unique on refrigerators.

3. Display your collectibles

Your travel display can be anything a blue plate from the Netherlands or Hungarian blue embroidery. It can be celebrated by displaying it in the corner of your drawing room. A vintage suitcase can be your placing unit, which may also serve as a utility. A jar of seashells with the sand of the beach you don’t wish to forget.

4. Theme based Painted wall

Do away with all inhibitions and paint the walls, with a theme based on the most memorable destination. Use a color that depicts your love for nature or a Mediterranean blue reminding you of your voyage. Also, the influence of some art or culture, such as French or Italian designs, or the use of south-eastern or American influences or very Indian inspired homes can be created to depict your love for travel and adventure.

5. Use photographs

Pictures are the simplest and the best way of personalizing a space and giving it an individual character. By shuffling the display of the photos, a whole set of décor possibilities can be achieved. You can just hang your Polaroid photos with strings on the wall or frame them in different sizes. Customization of photo frames can really elevate your space and make a stark impression on your guest.

An enthusiastic traveler is always on the outlook for a new adventure. Thus, he should take full opportunity of collecting badges, coins, shells or anything from his visits to use then as travel collectibles for personalized home’s décor for his new projects in Mumbai.

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