When constructing a building, it is important for real estate developers in Mumbai and other parts of India to verify its compliance with the legal requirements and permissions. Its importance stems from the fact that it is not just a necessity but a mandatory legal requirement.

An occupancy certificate (OC) certifies if the construction of a building is in line with legal norms. Without it, a newly constructed building, such as 1 bhk in Mulund, comes across as illegal. It is all the more important for those who plan to buy their first home.

This post will discuss what an OC is all about and the various aspects linked to it. Read on to know more about it.

What is an occupancy certificate?

As the name suggests, an occupancy certificate is a legal document that certifies that the construction of a building, such as a 2 bhk in Ghatkopar, corresponds to the local regulations and bye-laws.

The importance of occupancy certificate

Developers are required to produce necessary documents for the acquisition of an occupancy certificate. It proves to be useful while applying for various facilities such as sanitation connections, electricity, and water from the municipal corporation of a place.

From a legal standpoint, the inability to obtain the occupancy certificate leaves loopholes in the possession of an owner’s property.

In such situations, the local authority reserves the right to initiate legal action against an individual who owns a piece of property in Mumbai and any other part of India.

To avoid such circumstances, a homeowner should make certain they obtain the occupancy certificate.

Apart from buying, the occupancy certificate of a home is also important for selling a piece of property. In fact, the certificate is equally important in both cases.

How to obtain occupancy certificate

At the time of applying for a document in India, you need to furnish certain supporting documents as necessitated by the concerned authorities. The same rule also applies to the application of an occupancy certificate.

An important thing to remember here is that either a developer or a homeowner can apply for an occupancy certificate. You can do this by either submitting your application to the local corporation or the municipal body. Whether you need to submit your document to the Local Corporation or municipality depends on your area of residence.

Here are the documents you need to submit for obtaining an occupational certificate.

  • Project commencement/completion certificate
  • A copy of the plan which has been sanctioned for the construction of the building
  • No Objection certificates for pollution and fire
  • Up-to-date receipt of your property tax payment
  • Copy of the building’s sanctioned plan

Make sure you buy your property from a trusted developer

The onus is on developers to provide buyers with the occupational certificate to at the time of handing over a home to the latter. A failure to do so can bring in a legal notice for a trial in the courtroom.

As a homebuyer, you can avoid the hassles involved in this process by making certain that you buy your home from one of the leading real estate developers in Mumbai such as the Haware Intelligentia.

Now that you know a thing or two about the occupancy certificate and how to occupy it, try remembering the aforementioned facts or try to obtain yours by submitting the documents listed above.

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