Decorating a home has its own share of benefits; homeowners cite different reasons for it. Whether you have a 1 bhk flat in Vikhroli or one of the luxurious flats in Mulund, it deserves decoration for an appreciable rationale. 

The fun part is that you can do it in your own way without even worrying about the price factor. With the right planning, you will get your desirable outcomes.

Are you ready to experiment with your creativity? If yes, the DIY home decor ideas listed in this post are just for you.

Inventive DIY rustic home decor ideas

  1. Glass bottle wall vase

A glass bottle wall vase looks trendy on walls. Do you have a special liking for flowers and wish to adorn your home with it? You can bring it to life by channeling your creativity into a glass bottle wall vase.

For trying out this inventive idea, you will need a piece of sanded wood and a glass bottle. Take a pine board of greater dimensions than the piece of wood you need to separate. Cut a 16’’ piece of wood, and stain it. You can choose to use your favorite stain for this purpose. Allow it some time to dry up.

Now apply Vaseline to each corner of the cardboard and distress the paint using a sander machine. Next, fix a bottle to the cardboard using the suitable hardware components. As for the bottle, you can use a small to a medium-sized glass bottle. 

Your glass bottle vase is ready; put your favorite flower into it will be good to go!

  1. Pallet coffee table with a rustic touch

If you are a coffee lover, then a coffee table is a must-have item for you. And if you are a fan of rustic charm, then you may want one with a similar style factor. 

Of course, you can explore your options at local stores or on online stores. But they may be beyond your budget. Why not try to build one using a DIY idea instead?

Here’s what you need to do. Gather some scraps of wood along with at least two pallets. Sand them and attach four legs to the table. Make certain both the scarps are at least 9 inches apart from one another in height. The final output will add a touch of the essence to your room.

  1. DIY rustic wall rack

Take a piece of wood and sand it. Thereafter, carve out some holes on its backside. Use glue to attach ceramic magnets featuring a round shape. 

When done, your desired wall rack is ready. Attach it to the kitchen wall of your 1 bhk in Mulund or any other luxury home in Pune in your preferred way using hardware components.

Final thoughts

If you want to give your home, such as a 2 bhk in Ghatkopar, a facelift by virtue of creativity in conjunction with a rustic touch, there is no dearth of DIY ideas for it. All you need is creativity and planning. If you have been looking for exciting DIY options, then try your hand at the aforementioned ideas. The resulting output of these DIY rustic home decor ideas will simply blow your mind.

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